The Animas Valley Institute is the organization founded by Bill Plotkin — a wilderness guide, depth psychologist and author of four books including Soulcraft, Wild Mind, Nature & The Human Soul and, most recently, The Journey of Soul Initiation.

These books describe a nature-based system of psycho-emotional self-healing which is the basis for the offerings of the Animas Valley Institute, and which plays an integral role in all my work.

The essential assumption Animas makes is that while each of us are innately whole unto ourselves, we possess an intricate system of internal parts that are in dynamic relationship with each other.

The content and quality of these relationships define our measure of psychological health and resilience.

These internal parts are also in relationship with and reflected back to us by the inhabitants of the natural world — the land and plants, insects and animals, sky, streams and dreams.

Animas perspectives and practices provide a detailed map of this mysterious territory, offering all-encompassing orientation for those navigating the wilderness within and without.

I have found this guidance to be of incalculable value as I seek to occupy my own unique ecological niche, and I have witnessed many others (re)discover buried treasure within themselves while studying the Animas map with care and sincerity.

It is my joy and honor to share this information. I look forward to pursuing the mystery and learning more about you with you.


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