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If Āyurveda is a map, Vedic Astrology is a compass and a clock. Known in Sanskrit as jyotish, meaning roughly “the study or knowledge of light,” astrology is the first science.


Vedic Astrology provides a precise map of time as it moves through space. In the same way that a dance floor suggests a different set of activities than does a dining room, certain times support particular modes of being more than others. Proper timing is vital to achieving desired results.


In this virtual workshop, recorded Saturday, May 16, 2020, you’ll learn the formula to calculate the energetic anatomy of any given day using a specific template. With this awareness, you can attune your daily schedule to the natural rhythms of the cosmos and thereby flow more smoothly through life. 

Purchase includes download access to the video recording as well as two documents containing invitations for inquiry, valuable resources and the specific keys needed to decode the secrets of cosmic time every single day.

Every human society in the history of existence has studied the movement of stars and planets. We as a species have received vital illumination and guidance in return for this consistent attention — whether in the form of inspiring mythology, nautical navigation or simply the universal sense of awe that saturates the heart and mind of humans who stare long enough into the night sky.

An astrological consultation begins with an exploration of your individual birth chart. Like a micro- or telescope, your horoscope reveals otherwise unseen structures that define your path through space and time.

We can use the tools of astrology to examine any area of life. Most people seek out astrology in association with major or minor life transitions. Common concerns include career choices, romantic relationship dynamics, family issues and spiritual emergence/emergencies.


I have found that the most powerful impact of astrology is to offer validation for your innate qualities. The chart rarely shows anything you don’t already know, but it gives cosmic permission for you to be precisely who you are, where you are, as an ever evolving Earthling.

You are not random, but known and loved as an irreplaceable contributor to the community of beings that inhabit this living universe. To study your astrological anatomy is to be reminded of this expansive identity and thereby have enhanced access to the full complement of natural skills needed to successfully and enjoyably engage with your karmic workload in this particular incarnation.

Technical note: the information necessary to draw your natal chart is the time, date and location of your birth. The accuracy of your birth time is of utmost importance for the creation of an accurate chart.

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