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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor and do not claim to treat or cure any particular disease. I am trained in Āyurveda, Vedic Astrology and as a minister with the Wisdom of the Heart church and The Sanctuary of the Inner Compass.


All consultations are categorized as a form of spiritual counselling in which we will consider every dimension of your existence as a living being on Earth. This may include everything from diet and exercise, herbs and oils, mantra and meditation and any number of invitations for nature-based healing practices.

All suggested remedies are just that: suggestions. You must apply your free-will discernment to determine to what extent you participate in your own healing journey towards wholeness. I am here to offer the most accurate holistic feedback available so you can shift your life in the more preferable direction you intuitively sense is possible.

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About Āyurveda

Āyurveda is a nature-based system of self-healing that is indigenous to India and theoretically applicable across all time and space. Using herbs and oils, diet and daily habits, Āyurveda encourages gentle adjustments based on subtle self-awareness that can resolve an acute condition, prevent avoidable future suffering and support the pursuit of perfect health.

An Āyurvedic consultation consists of a conversation about your current condition and concerns, inquiry into your health history and habitual patterns, consideration of psycho-emotional, social, economic and other circumstantial influences, and analysis of biological indicators such as the tongue, eyes, nails and pulse. The outcome is a detailed set of recommendations for you to apply in your daily life with the ongoing guidance of your practitioner.

Āyurveda is participatory medicine. For its full benefit to unfold, one must be willing to engage in sincere self-inquiry and be open to lifestyle changes that may range from the minuscule (drinking a certain herbal tea, for example) to the most dramatic shifts imaginable (use your imagination).

Ultimately, to engage with this beautiful system of living wisdom is an invitation to experience oneself as an integral part of an intelligent and infinitely creative whole, the full power of which lives through you in every moment. Āyurveda offers a map by which we humans can more skillfully navigate the varying territory of our lives.

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David T McConaghay

Ayurvedic Doctor

Vedic Astrologer

D. Div. Candidate

Denver, Colorado, USA


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