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Oct 18, 2023 - Nov 8, 2023

[SIP] Somatic Imagination Practice

  • 22Days


21-day Meditation Challenge October 18 - November 08, 2024 Whether you're new to the practice or an experienced meditator, these simple daily practices can revolutionize your inner awareness and accelerate your mastery of personal energy management. Feel at home in your body. Fine tune your attention. Choose wisely from the Five Forms of Focus. Consciously author your experience. Perfect for bodyworkers, therapists, teachers, leaders and anyone engaged in intense exchanges where healthy boundaries and consistent energy clearing are necessary to maintain sanity and health. CONSISTS OF: Daily Practice — 10-minute Guided Meditation Weekly Live Calls — Wednesdays, 5p MT, — Oct. 18 & 25, Nov. 01 & 11 Short Video Lessons — Prerecorded classes presenting key concepts — 10-20 mins each Sliding Scale Pricing: $200 = Default $150 = use code SIP150 $100 = use code SIP100 $50 = use code SIP50




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