Two Types of Consultation


Internal Family Solar Systems

"Astrology is a branch of psychology, as well as an art form—a mode of storytelling. 

It's designed to stimulate our imaginations as we ruminate on what it means to be a human being. 

It's an evocative mytho-poetic system that helps us identify and transform our subconscious patterns

and have fun speculating about the big picture of our destinies.”

— Rob Brezsny


You are whole person composed of whole parts.


Just as your body is one unified whole but is composed of parts like a liver, heart and bones, so is your psyche one whole Self made from a family of parts — each complete with their own personality, memory, concerns and motivations.


In this session, we will use the tools of Vedic Astrology to meet and learn more about the characters who live within you.


In conversation with these unseen individuals, we can discover secret strengths, identify unmet needs and begin piecing together a map to help you navigate your internal family dynamics, resulting in a clearer sense of Self and an enhanced capacity to purposefully engage with the external world.

Our 75-minute session includes:

  • Overview of your astrological identity markers

  • Assessment of current age, stage and phase

  • Identification of how universal archetypes express themselves uniquely through you

  • Inquiry into your primary areas of concern and interactive response to vital questions

  • A collection of practical recommendations

  • Audio and video recording of our session

  • Complete set of relevant astro charts


The Self Healing Sequence

"Start close in. Don't take the second step, or the third.

Start with the first thing, close in, the step you don't want to take.

Start with the ground you know... your own way of starting the conversation...

Start right now. Take a small step you can call your own."

— David Whyte


The Self Healing Sequence consists of:


  • Three 1:1 sessions spread out over four-to-eight weeks:

    • Session One:          Intake​                  (30-45 mins)

    • Session Two:           Deepening         (60-75 mins)

    • Session Three:       Continuation       (45-60 mins)

  • All sessions are conducted via Zoom with audio/video recordings provided.

  • You get a personal Dropbox folder populated with resources just for you.

  • You have ongoing access and chat support with me via Telegram.

  • After the first sequence is complete (4-8 weeks), many people continue for a second and third sequence in order to accelerate, deepen and integrate their evolutionary process (8-24 weeks).


  • An in-depth intake process ensures that we get to the heart of the matter.

  • The practice of reflective listening illuminates otherwise opaque inner knowings.

  • We will utilize Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology and the Animas map of the human psyche as our primary reference points. 

  • However, “every model is wrong” because even the most holistic model cannot possibly contain the infinitely complex web of interbeing that you are.

  • Your story is uniquely yours and we honor it as such, even as we strategize about how to skillfully dismantle it for your own benefit.

  • You will receive detailed recommendations which may include diet & lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic herbs & oils, specific exercise routines, suggestions for breathing, vocal and meditative activities, as well as any number of nature-based invitations for self-reflection.

  • Be prepared to write, draw, wander and dream more intensely than normal.