DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor and do not claim to treat or cure any particular disease. I am trained in Āyurveda, Vedic Astrology and as a minister with the Wisdom of the Heart church serving The Sanctuary of the Inner Compass.


All consultations are understood to be a form of spiritual counseling in which we will consider every dimension of your existence as a living being on Earth. This may include diet and exercise, herbs and oils, mantra and meditation and any number of invitations for nature-based healing.

All recommended remedies are just that: recommendations. Everyone is encouraged to apply their free-will discernment to determine whether to accept any particular recommendation.

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Three Types of Appointment


  • Three sessions spread out over one-to-three months

  • Custom PDF with summary notes and suggestions

  • Ongoing support and accountability via email and chat


  • 60-minute followup session for existing clients

  • Perfect for new concerns, seasonal checkups or 
    continuing support.


  • 30-minute Zoom

  • Designed for people with a simple concern or direct question.


About Āyurveda

Āyurveda is a nature-based system of self-healing indigenous to India and theoretically applicable across all time and space.


Using herbs and oils, diet and daily habits, Āyurveda encourages gentle adjustments based on subtle self-awareness that can resolve an acute condition, prevent avoidable future suffering and support the pursuit of perfect health.

An Āyurvedic consultation consists of a conversation about your current condition and concerns, inquiry into your health history and habitual patterns, consideration of psycho-emotional, social, economic and other circumstantial influences, and analysis of biological indicators such as the tongue, eyes, nails and pulse.


The outcome is a detailed set of recommendations for you to apply in your daily life with the ongoing guidance of your practitioner.

Āyurveda is participatory medicine. For its full benefit to unfold, one must be willing to engage in sincere self-inquiry and be open to lifestyle changes that may range from the minuscule (drinking a certain herbal tea, for example) to the most dramatic shifts imaginable (use your imagination).

Ultimately, to engage with this beautiful system of living wisdom is an invitation to experience oneself as an integral part of an intelligent and infinitely creative whole, the full power of which lives through each of us in every moment.

Perfect for people:

  • suffering an acute or chronic health condition

  • experiencing digestive discomfort or inconsistency

  • struggling with anxiety, insomnia or excess stress

  • battling brain fog, fatigue lethargy or depression

  • eager to resolve a stubborn skin condition

  • preparing for pregnancy

  • looking to fine-tune their diet and amplify their overall well-being with precision medicine

  • feeling like something is just off but unable to identify what exactly

How Does It Work?


Initially, engaging in an Ayurvedic process with Veda Dave represents a commitment to three appointments spread out over one to three months.

Our initial intake appointment lasts no less than 90 minutes and primarily involves me asking you many questions. After this appointment — within a few days at most, depending on research needed — you will receive a detailed, written record of specific recommendations.


You have the option to receive a recording of our consultations. You will have access to a forever-yours Dropbox folder where you will find all your relevant documents.


Based on your unique circumstances, we will arrange a second meeting, usually somewhere between one week and one month away. You will have access to ongoing email and text support from me during this time.


Ayurveda is designed to work gently and gradually, Multiple appointments over time allow us to track progress and make skillful adjustments as we go.


Remedies may include:

  • diet and daily habit changes,

  • herbs, teas, oils and tinctures,

  • yoga, meditation and breathing exercises

  • internal cleansing practices

  • a variety of nature-based activities


Upon confirming your consultation, you will be directed to an intake form. Please fill this out as thoroughly as possible and submit it at least 48 hours before your first appointment.


That’s it! I look forward to supporting your journey towards health and wholeness with the wisdom of Ayurveda.

Courses by


My esteemed colleagues Molly and Sierra of Cultivate Balance have created a collection of excellent resources for individuals seeking to integrate Ayurveda into their life. I encourage you to enjoy these offerings. I know you will benefit tremendously.


The Art of Ayurveda is a juicy, in-depth and participatory online wellness course. It is designed to inspire you to reclaim your self love and live your deepest expression of wellness through easy-to-implement nutrition, daily routine and self-care practices. Through simple yet profound changes to your habits, you will shift how you experience your body and mind, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of vitality. 


For more in depth information about the program, click the image above or explore this page.


The Art of Fertility is a comprehensive 16-week online program that prepares hopeful parents for a healthy, balanced conception and pregnancy. Participants will begin by first eliminating toxins from both the body and mind and will then move into gently building the optimal temple in which to nourish a baby. 


For more in depth information about the program, click the image above or explore this page.


The Art of Work-Life Balance is a dynamic three-part online program that will invite you to connect more deeply with yourself and others through Ayurvedic practices of stress relief, radical self care and refined routine. This program takes about six weeks to complete and includes three full courses:

  • Aligned Energy to Pursue Your Passion,

  • Communication and Appreciate to Cultivate Connection, and

  • Holistic Stress Relief to Make a Deeper Impact. 


For more in depth information about the program, click the image above or explore this page.