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Whole Self Health 

for Humans Who Are Ready

to Become Cosmic Citizens

Life cannot go on like this.


If you, me and the whole human community are going to survive and ultimately thrive here on Earth — something has to shift.


Would you agree?

  • Perhaps your physical health feels sub-ideal.

  • Maybe your relationships are a bit strained or unsatisfying.

  • Or your professional life is missing deep purpose and playful inspiration

  • And your connection to nature might be quite a bit more distant than you desire.


Often, it is all of the above, and then some.


The resulting spiritual crisis can feel totally overwhelming, and we haven’t even mentioned the overlapping socio-cultural and environmental emergencies in the context of which our individual issues arise.


Where to even begin?

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Let's start here — you are not alone.

In this moment, there are millions of us — sensitive souls seeking a better way to be human.

What we want seems so simple. A short list might include:

  • living water, nourishing food & supportive shelter

  • loving family, generous friends & dynamic culture

  • to cultivate our unique gifts & offer them to the community of all beings

  • nature, art, music, dance, sport & generally the freedom to play

Doesn't seem like too much to ask of life on a planet apparently designed for exactly that experience.


And yet, the swirl of techno-industrial life somehow finds a way to consume our energy and attention, insidiously convincing us to hustle and stress over productivity and material measurements of success.

On an individual level, the predictable results include:

  • nervous systems frayed and frazzled

  • adrenals always on the verge of burnout

  • emotions either repressed or overflowing

  • relationships that feel extractive or transactional

  • a subtle sense of spiritual misalignment


Does any of that feel familiar?

Yeah, me too.


Here's the good news:

The remedies for this misalignment are known and knowable.

We still have access to the holistic solutions which have helped humans survive and thrive since the beginning of time.

We also have access to modern scientific understandings of how and why these timeless self-healing technologies function the way they do, allowing us to fine-tune and amplify their natural outcomes.

With all this knowledge, the only question becomes: what are we going to do about it?

My name is David McConaghay.

I am an Ayurvedic Doctor, Vedic Astrologer, Ordained Minister and Master of Metaphysics.

I am a former Division 1 athlete who has spent a lifetime learning how to use diet, exercise and meditation to manage anxiety and depression.

I help people feeling lost or stuck find clarity and purpose. I offer my experience and expertise to humans who are ready to accelerate their evolution.

Who Am I?


To know and not act is not to know.

— Chinese Proverb

Here is what I propose we do:

  • Establish embodied roots by honoring our physical bodies through proper diet, fun and skillful movement practices and nature-based healing modalities.

  • Seek celestial guidance from the stars and planets by studying their perfectly accurate archetypal map of our individual and collective circumstances.

  • Cultivate our capacity for personal energy management to create a healthy inner ecosystem and maintain intelligent, semi-permeable boundaries with the world.

  • Participate in a generative community of humans devoted to their own evolution as individuals in harmony with the interdependent web of all beings.

  • Enjoy together the spiraling process of inspiration, struggle, resilience and rejuvenation as we become the beautiful potentials we imagine possible. 


If that sounds like a journey on which you want to go, here's your ticket:

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To be the first to receive notice about the Multi Dimensional Annual Membership, enter your info below. 

Thanks! Talk to you soon.

Key Dates

Fall Season starts with a weekend of Ayurveda

September 17 - 18

Live in Denver, Colorado or on Zoom

Winter Season starts with a weekend of Energy Management

December 03 - 04

Live in Denver, Colorado or on Zoom

Early Spring Season starts with a weekend of Astrology

January 21 - 22

Live in Denver, Colorado or on Zoom

Late Spring Season starts with a weekend of Time Management

March 18 - 19

Live in Denver, Colorado or on Zoom

Early Summer Season starts with a weekend of Dreamwork

May 27 - 28

Live in Denver, Colorado or on Zoom

Late Summer Season starts with a weekend of Animas + IFS

July 22 - 23

Live in Denver, Colorado or on Zoom

Each season focuses on a particular access point for holistic awareness and self-healing. These represent the multiple dimensions of Multi Dimensional Medicine. Here are some brief definitions:

Ayurveda — traditional lifestyle medicine rooted in herbalism, seasonal eating and skillful self-care.

Energy Management — techniques to contain and move power through its proper channels.

Time Management — circadian rhythms to align habitual behaviors with natural, life-giving forces.

Astrology — the art and science of how light changes life as time moves through space.

Mythopoetic Dreamwork — the power of storytelling to illuminate psycho-emotional shadows.

Animas — a nature-based map of the psyche to guide humans into their innate state of wholeness.

These are the most powerful tools I've discovered and developed so far within a lifetime of seeking out perspectives and practices that nourish the body, enliven the mind and soothe the heart.


And! We live in a holographic universe wherein each part contains the essence of the whole.


For example, Astrology is part of Time Management; we employ Mythopoetics to practice Ayurveda; and understanding Ayurveda supports the Energy Management practices; and so on.


All of these topics are inextricably interwoven, and the beauty of a dynamic group is that we will actively respond and adjust to your evolving wants and needs.

This is what it means to be multi dimensional. This is how you practice Multi Dimensional Medicine.

Time Commitment

If you're like me, you feel a certain urgency to become the best version of yourself — because the world urgently needs good-hearted humans to step into the wholeness of their power and impact.

And, at the same time, most significant and lasting shifts happen gradually, with patient diligence and gently persistent attention to positive intentions.


This is why we have a year-long container.

We'll have plenty of time... but not for long.

Generally speaking, I anticipate a weekly time commitment of 3-5 hours.

  • We meet as a group (live in Denver or on Zoom) for one hour, once per week.

  • There is a practice session (live on Zoom) for half-an-hour, once per week.

  • There are prerecorded video classes available at your own pace.

  • You are invited to practice a variety of daily, weekly and seasonal activities. 

  • Every live session is recorded for posterity.

The beauty of a year-long process is that it's no big deal to miss a session now and then — there is a sense of spaciousness that way. I imagine there will be weeks when we collectively decide to take a break for integration, and there may be others when we want to double-down and dive deeper.

I am happy to preemptively grant us permission to flow with what's most appropriate in the moment.

My lived experience lets me believe that the time you invest in this program will be paid back to you many times over.

When you have a smooth, efficient, calm and confident relationship with your own time and energy, you gain greater access to both of those most precious resources. Slow is smooth; smooth is fast.

Years from now, what will you remember: 

  • the extra few hours you invested in your self-awareness and evolution one year?


  • the life-enhancing perspectives and practices that have guided you ever since?



Delivery systems for the course content include:

  • lots of short, prerecorded video classes

  • a variety of guided audio meditative activities

  • weekly live group sessions

  • weekly live practice sessions / office-hours

  • an interactive chat channel (probably via Telegram)

  • recommended reading + listening + viewing

The specific content of the course consists of core practices which support further exploration. No matter the season, we will emphasize the irreplaceable importance of: 

  • alignment with circadian rhythms

  • morning and evening routines

  • daily meditation and mindset activities

  • diet and exercise habits.


Establishing these practices creates the stable foundation necessary for the more subtle work and play we want to explore, because:

  • you can't serve the world if you don't get out of bed

  • you can't do deep dreamwork if you're not sleeping deeply

  • you can't expect others to respect your boundaries if you keep breaking them yourself

  • you can't go on a date if you're sick or working late

  • you can't maintain healthy relationships if you're unconsciously projecting your own shadow



In addition to everything mentioned above, and given that you are here for the very beginning, I want to offer you essentially everything I've got.


This includes more than $2,700 worth of offerings:

  • Ayurvedic 'Reset for Resilience' Program in Spring and Autumn ($400 value)

  • Bring-a-Friend to the six weekend workshops during the year ($1,500 value)

  • Annual Subscription to Phase Shift updates (~$180)

  • Free participation in The Multi Dimensional Book Club (~$120)

  • Instant access to the complete Time Management course recordings ($500 value)

  • Extra special goodies that will arrive as a pleasant surprise (of incalculable value)

If you have read this far, thank you! And congratulations for having an above-average attention span.

Ultimately, only you know if you are ready for this journey to multi dimensional self-mastery.

All I can say is that I am here with you.

In my own life, I know that the truly transformative changes — the positive shifts that have become permanently encoded into my character — have taken place over the course of an extended period of time, with resilient effort, focused feedback and reliable community reference points.


This is the spirit motivating the Multi Dimensional Membership.

If you have questions or would like to connect for a strategy session, please enter your email address above, or put yourself on my calendar using the link below.

In Conclusion...