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WATCH: 90-minute presentation from Saturday, June 6, 2020 focused on the month-long eclipse cycle that completes itself on July 4. This moment in history is asking:

  • For what righteous cause am I willing to fight and die?

  • Upon what information am I basing my beliefs? How am I communicating that information with others?

  • How can I nurture the seeds of true revolution (internal and external) that are now being planted?

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WATCH: 90-minute presentation from May 9, 2020 about the historical significance of this Corona moment in time according to several significant and overlapping astrological cycles.

The Jyotish of Corona: an astrological perspective on these transformative times.

CLICK HERE to watch the full 70-minute conversation from April 11, 2020.

A snippet of my life story clipped from the introduction to my May 2018 Master's thesis presentation at The Subtle Mind in Boulder, Colorado.

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