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After more than 15 years experimenting with meditation — struggling and seeking, discovering and developing effective practices — I am super pleased to offer you the benefits of this effort in the form of a course in Multi Dimensional Meditation.

Distilling all my experience down to the absolute essentials, I intend to provide you with direct access to the full potential benefits of meditation — the consistent inner enjoyment of full presence, peace, joy and freedom.

Multi Dimensional Meditation promises to:

  • Expand your self-awareness and enhance your capacity for full presence in each moment

  • Increase, clarify and stabilize your access to reliable intuitive information

  • Learn what it means and more importantly how to think with your heart

  • Establish an embodied sense of interconnection with the universe, the whole of which you are an integral and inseparable part

  • Heal yourself at the subtlest, cellular level by consciously communicating with intelligent natural forces

This work can be of benefit at any stage of your process.

  • Are you entirely new to meditation? Great! You are in the right place.

  • Are you a grisled veteran whose practice has gone stale or stagnant? I believe this course will offer fresh perspective and renewed inspiration.

  • Are you struggling to maintain a steady practice because you know you ‘should’ meditate but aren’t realizing any of the promised benefits? Multi Dimensional Meditation will surely change these dynamic so you can finally look forward to your practice and truly experience the powerful shifts in perception available to you just on the other side of a very thin veil.


As we complete the back-of-house details preparing Multi Dimensional Meditation for public consumption, please stay tuned for potent previews and free invitations.

I feel so excited to go on this journey with you. Thank you for choosing this evolutionary adventure for yourself.

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