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Inclusive Community Committed to Whole Self Health & Human Evolution

Choose Your Own Adventure


One-on-One Services

Consult a Doctor of Āyurveda.

Receive nourishing Bodywork.

Access the insight of Astrology.

Reconnect with your Wild Mind.

Let's Go!

Inner Compass Academy

Initiation & Ordination for the next generation of holistic leaders.

Continuing Education for licensed professionals & coaches of any kind.

I'm Ready!
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Tools to use right now

Yes Please!

Feeling anxious? Lost? Despondent?

Change your state instantaneously.

Trouble sleeping? Waking up tired?

Here, this will help...

Ready to Start Right Now?

There is a simple practice you can do in order to instantly:
relax into present moment awareness 
— connect with the intuitive wisdom of your body 
— (re)establish healthy boundaries or self-containment
— feel the
full power of your true feelings 
self-soothe through challenging moments

If you want to add this technique to your tool belt,
enter your email below.

When you enter your email, you will receive:
— audio & video leading you through the complete practice
— audio & video showing you the shortcut to full presence

— audio & video lesson describing why the practice works
— a PDF file with supportive explanations and images

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