Play Your Human Tune to the Rhythm of the Moon

PHASECHANGE is an invitation for human Earthlings to align with natural time.

In this moonth-long course, you can discover:

  • essentials insights about the innate nature of space, time and light

  • the astronomy and astrology of lunar cycles

  • the six archetypal divisions of any given life cycle

  • how to organize your internal world in harmony with the living cosmos

  • simple secrets for better goal-setting and improved creative power

You receive:

  • Detailed, step-by-step guidance delivered via email throughout one complete lunar cycle

  • A collection of video lessons + PDF handouts on the nature of time and the significance of each phase of the cycle

  • Custom worksheets designed to help you track your own cycles

  • Access to a special Google calendar to help you keep track of the moon

  • A monthly live call to share experiences and ask questions


  • an extra month of emails reminding you of the phases as they change

Courses by


My esteemed colleagues Molly and Sierra of Cultivate Balance have created a collection of excellent resources for individuals seeking to integrate Ayurveda into their life. I encourage you to enjoy these offerings. I know you will benefit tremendously.


The Art of Ayurveda is a juicy, in-depth and participatory online wellness course. It is designed to inspire you to reclaim your self love and live your deepest expression of wellness through easy-to-implement nutrition, daily routine and self-care practices. Through simple yet profound changes to your habits, you will shift how you experience your body and mind, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of vitality. 


For more in depth information about the program, click the image above or explore this page.


The Art of Fertility is a comprehensive 16-week online program that prepares hopeful parents for a healthy, balanced conception and pregnancy. Participants will begin by first eliminating toxins from both the body and mind and will then move into gently building the optimal temple in which to nourish a baby. 


For more in depth information about the program, click the image above or explore this page.


The Art of Work-Life Balance is a dynamic three-part online program that will invite you to connect more deeply with yourself and others through Ayurvedic practices of stress relief, radical self care and refined routine. This program takes about six weeks to complete and includes three full courses:

  • Aligned Energy to Pursue Your Passion,

  • Communication and Appreciate to Cultivate Connection, and

  • Holistic Stress Relief to Make a Deeper Impact. 


For more in depth information about the program, click the image above or explore this page.


Enjoy this 2.25-hour web class on a significant karmic shift that will impact the whole planet from September 2020 through April 2022. 


In this two-hour session, we cover:

  • What are the lunar nodes? How do we measure them and what do they mean?

  • What does this significant shift suggest for the world as a whole?

  • How will this transit impact you personally according to your sign?

I offer details about the relevance for each and every sign in the zodiac and suggest specific remedies to make the most of the next 18 months.


Vedic Astrology provides a precise map of time as it moves through space. In the same way that a dance floor suggests a different set of activities than does a dining room, certain times support particular modes of being more than others. Proper timing is vital to achieving desired results.


In this virtual workshop, recorded Saturday, May 16, 2020, you’ll learn the formula to calculate the energetic anatomy of any given day using a specific template. With this awareness, you can attune your daily schedule to the natural rhythms of the cosmos and thereby flow more smoothly through life. 

Purchase includes download access to the video recording as well as two documents containing invitations for inquiry, valuable resources and the specific keys needed to decode the secrets of cosmic time every single day.


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