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But like, for real.

10.18 - 11.08 




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Practice anywhere, anytime.

Create & maintain clear, organic boundaries.

Expand, contract and restructure your biofield.

Everyone knows you're supposed to meditate.

Especially if you are a yogi, counselor, therapist, doctor, nurse, coach, bodyworker, energy healer or any kind of human development guide — 

— I'll bet you've been beaten over the head with the many benefits of meditation.

But how often do you actually experience those benefits?

How often does your attempt to meditate feel like a dud?

Like squandered minutes just sitting around scatter-brained?

If that sounds familiar, believe me, I've been there and there is a better way.

Somatic Imagination Practice is perfect for...


You! Whether you are new to meditation, wanting to develop or recommit to your daily practice, or feeling stuck or uninspired by your old habitual sit, get ready for a quantum leap.


Professional helpers and highly sensitive people hyper-attuned to their environment who just want to enjoy natural boundaries with clients, colleagues, family, friends and lovers.

Peace Seekers

Folks struggling with spacey, scattered anxiousness or dense, heavy depressive states will find relief in these techniques for subtle but significant self-regulation.

High Performers

Leaders and spiritual aspirants seeking to fine tune their creative capacity and unfold their awesome power with calm confidence so it can be of beneficial service to the world.

...humans seeking inner clarity for outer impact.


Guided by:


Ayurvedic Doctor, Vedic Astrologer & Master of Metaphysics

David Telfer McConaghay is a former Division 1 athlete who has spent 7 of the past 14 years living, studying and teaching in yoga ashrams & permaculture communities.


In those other 7 years, he waited tables, managed sales & marketing in the natural foods industry and wandered the world as a spiritual nomad, teaching & seeing clients along the way.

Somatic Imagination Practice is borne out of David's need to make peace with his lifelong existential anxiety. This pursuit has lead him into the realms of Internal Family Systems, Non-Violent Communication & "the geometry of consciousness."

The present-moment outcome is an original & profoundly impactful approach to personal energy management, presented in the form of this 21-day meditation challenge.

Now a dog dad, David is growing gardens in Denver, Colorado, where he offers courses and consultations rooted in the Archipelago community. Read more of his story here.



"As someone who has been chronically codependent in ways that aren’t healthy, learning that I have the power to sit in my own heart and fill that heart with words like confidence, love, compassion and trust has been revelatory."


"I have hated meditation for the past several years, but something flipped. I feel my energy pull back into me. I've remembered to remember to do it in family situations, in dance, in dating. Energetically I feel so much more clean and clear and under control."


"I'm definitely more confident in dealing with stress and obstacles. I feel like I know more about what it means to be alive and practice intentional living and not find myself so confused by it all. This is really solidifying. I feel a lot more calm."

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