Class Descriptions

David is a dynamic and experienced teacher who loves to offer interactive classes full of life-enhancing information. What follows is a sampling of classes customizable to any scenario, be it a yoga teacher training module, conscious festival or professional conference.

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Elementary Ayurveda: 

In this introduction to the living wisdom that is Āaa-yoo-ur-véda, we establish the essential vocabulary that provides access to the ayurvedic worldview. We’ll explore our shared experience of guna and dosha — respectively, the quality and form of all natural phenomena — and discuss the implications for our personal health practices, our relationships to self, other & society, and the active cultivation of a more accurate self-awareness.



The Subtle Anatomy of Ayurveda:

Of what are human bodies composed? How are our biological systems organized? What forces animate, maintain and decay us? How does a foreign material like food become bodily tissue? Does your body end at the edge of your skin? If not, of what does your body consist beyond that? What is the relationship of those unseen layers to the gross, more obvious body? And how can you better streamline the many-varied strata of your whole being?



The Science of Light:

Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) is the study of light in the form of stars and planets. This knowledge serves as a compass, map & pocket-watch to guide people through life, space & time. This class introduces the foundational concepts of Vedic Astrology, describing the basic frameworks of a dynamic system which can offer clear perspective on past confusion, enhance our comprehension of current circumstances and even anticipate future conditions.



Multi Dimensional Medicine:

As described in David’s forthcoming doctoral thesis, Multi Dimensional Medicine is a modality that addresses the full spectrum of body-mind-spirit dissonance that humans experience. This theory aids its practitioner with postural awareness — physical posture of course, but also the psycho-emotional and subtle energetic poses we adopt, whether we know it or not. This workshop incorporates guided group activities and meditations to demonstrate the ever-present, living reality of otherwise abstract, esoteric concepts. 

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