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Many Paths, One Peak


Multi Dimensional Medicine functions on the assumption that your healing journey is uniquely yours, and different stages of the journey require different tools.


The strategy that allows for successful navigation of a remote river valley may lead you entirely astray when adventuring within city limits.


The equipment that supports the ascent of a sheer rock face may not serve any purpose when wandering through a vast and pathless forest.

Multi Dimensional Medicine is an invitation to recognize your precise location in the narrative path of your life story and make skillful next moves based on the best intelligence available.

The wilderness is full of wonders when you are well-prepared. Let’s examine your unique map so you can enjoy your journey through the mysterious territory that is life on Earth.

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A Note on Monetary Policy:

The way I see it, stress is the underlying cause of most dis-ease, and money is the primary source of stress for most humans in the world as it is.


Therefore, if I expect to support the well-being of your whole self (and I do), then let's begin with the agreement that your ability to pay is secondary to my willingness to connect.

I am committed to the cultivation of regenerative economic models and strive to demonstrate the principles of a gift-based economy, while still participating in our system as-it-is to the extent necessary to survive for now. Please see Charles Eisenstein's book Sacred Economics for more information.

Here is a snippet from the Informed Consent Disclosure form everyone is asked to read and agree to before confirming an appointment: