Hello. My name is David.

I am an Ayurvedic Doctor, Vedic Astrologer and Ordained Minister with the Wisdom of the Heart church.

I am a Master of Metaphysics working towards a Doctorate in Divinity.

Story of My Life

A snippet clipped from my May 2018 Master’s thesis presentation describing the intent and origins of

Multi Dimensional Medicine.

master of metaphysics



Practicing what I call Multi Dimensional Medicine, I offer:

  • Ayurvedic guidance for holistic health and healing;

  • Cosmic perspective on life transitions, major decisions, 
    relationship issues and (re)orientation for anyone feeling stuck or scattered; 

  • Highly-attuned empathy, accountability and unconditional positive regard to support your journey into wholeness. 

Recommendations vary according to personal circumstances, but often include diet & lifestyle changes, Ayurvedic herbs & oils, specific exercise, breathing, vocal and meditative activities, as well as any number of nature-based invitations for self-reflection.

If you are struggling with acute or chronic health concerns, feeling the intensity of a major transition, or are seeking to accelerate your spiritual evolution, a consultation with me will help you clarify all the factors at play and result in a detailed plan for how to move forward in a good way.


Please reach out with any questions!

I am made in Canada then born in North Carolina on the first day of Spring in 1986. My family moves to Washington, D.C. when I am 3 then Tokyo when I am 6 and lands in Minneapolis, Minnesota by the time I turn 8.

I remember my 8th birthday — eating pizza off of moving boxes and having my first mystical experience. I feel the visceral reality of a parallel dimension. I know without knowing how I know that there must be a carbon-copy of me existing in an alternate universe which is essentially similar except slightly different.

I start asking questions about this but, believe it or not, my dear parents do not know what to tell me.
I will always consider Minneapolis home, even though I leave at 16 to finish high school in Connecticut before returning to D.C. to earn a degree in English & Creative Writing from The George Washington University.

I stumble into yoga at age 20 when a soccer injury sidelines me for what feels like forever. I immediately recognize that yoga could have prevented this injury entirely. 

At this time I start meditating consistently and discover some beginner’s luck, which is surely accelerated by an auspicious encounter with Amma, the hugging saint.

As a fresh graduate in a crashing economy, I spend the first five months of 2009 living at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California.
These days, I no longer associate myself with this organization, but it provides my 22-year old self with a profound initiation into classical yoga life and introduces me to the spirit of bhakti 
(devotion), the practical applications of Ayurveda and the inspired perspective of Jyotish (Vedic Astrology).

I remain unspeakably grateful to the endless lineage of transcendental geniuses (both seen and unseen, embodied and ethereal) whose ongoing service allows me to access even a sliver of the information I’ve been seeking ever since I was just a child lost in an alternate dimension.

Perhaps now is the right moment to mention that throughout my life I have struggled with anxiety and depression. Bipolarity and suicidal ideation are familiar to me.
I am blessed with generally excellent physical health which Ayurveda helps me to maintain, but I know what it means to traverse chasms of deep grief, to sizzle with disorienting anger and to feel abandoned in a toxic wilderness of existential shame.
The desire for emotional ease and self-acceptance has been the primary motivating factor for all my seeking. Today, the results of this ongoing search serve as the source of my professional expertise and public offerings.

Screenshot 2016-11-18 19.00.51.png

Fast forward to 2014 and I am living in Colorado, working in the natural foods industry. I spend my days offering Whole Foods shoppers samples of local, organic, gluten-free nutrition bars and ready-to-drink elixirs made of Hawaiian-grown turmeric and ginger. Super heady, I know.

I love the part of this job that allows me to connect with people. It amazes me the extent to which humans are ready to share their heartfelt hopes and fears with the kindly smiling guy giving out goodies in the grocery store.
However, I feel dissatisfied that these intimate interactions inevitably lead back to a sales pitch for a product which may or may not be appropriate for that person’s particular circumstance.

So I make a major move. I stop my job and within two weeks am committed to the four-year Ayurvedic Doctor program at Alandi Ashram & Ayurveda Gurukula.

I graduate as an Ayurvedic Practitioner in 2016 and start seeing clients. That same year I earn my Associate’s Degree in Vedic Astrology from the American Academy of Vedic Arts & Sciences.
I graduate as a Doctor of Ayurveda in the Spring of 2018 and establish the full-time practice that continues today.

2018 is also the year I earn a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics and ordination as a minister in the Wisdom of the Heart church. The latter appeals to me because I truly believe my offerings to be the enactment of my soul mission here on Earth, and I strive to live up to that sacred duty as best as I can.
In my time at Alandi, there is an independent research project percolating but I am not making much progress, so I enroll at the University of Metaphysical Sciences for some academic accountability and to earn a degree for my efforts.

My master’s thesis is called Multi Dimensional Medicine. It represents an attempt to synthesize the worldview that has evolved throughout my lifetime of seeking, study and practice.

This work continues in the form of a forthcoming Doctoral thesis tentatively entitled “The Periodic Table of Ayurvedic Elements.”
I will publish this when it’s ready for public consumption.

If you read this far, that’s amazing. Thank you! I look forward to learning more about you with you one day.

For now, I can say that the cosmic context and down-to-earth intelligence of the Vedic worldview continues to shape and shift my life every day.

There is always more to discover. For that I feel an infinite measure of gratitude. The need for mystery is more powerful than any particular answer.